Steph from Beauty of Shades reviews MATER Beauty

Steph from Beauty of Shades reviews MATER Beauty

A MATER Beauty review by Steph from Beauty of Shades

Made by a mother for mothers! Something about that sentence always gives me feel good vibes ✨

MATER Beauty is one of those brands that give me those vibes, after all, a mother has put her heart and soul into a brand that’s based from her experience as a mother! So, all the products are pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly. Though, can be used by anyone with a busy life.

I’ve been using these products for 3 months now. The more I used them, the more I understood their purpose, especially the two skincare when I was sick and bedridden for few weeks. I was able to simplify my AM/PM skincare routines without compromising the benefits while still having self care time for myself.

MATER Beauty face serums and solid hair care bars flat lay with dried flowers
I WOKE UP LIKE THIS Beyond Hydration Perfecting Serum: this instantly hydrates the skin and is the most hydrating serum I’ve ever tried! It has a thick serum texture, but absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving my skin feeling plump.

YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE Supercharged Glow Drops: made with Bakuchiol, which is a retinol alternative, so pregnant and breastfeeding mothers aren’t missing on the same benefits as retinol. It’s light in texture and is quick absorbing. It’s helped reduce the appearance of fine lines and faded my hyperpigmentation.

Both these serums are formulated in a way that’s safe to use around the eyes, which eliminates the purpose of eye creams. Together these are very hydrating that even the moisturiser can be ditched. I’m surprised that I’m only half way with these!

T.L.C Nourishing Shampoo Bar: thoroughly cleanses the hair and scalp without leaving any greasiness. I found that a gentle rubbing on wet scalp lathers up the shampoo bar very well.

Good Hair Days Supercharged Conditioner Bar: avoiding the scalp, I rub this on the lengths of my hair and ends. Then massage it in my hair with my fingers. My ends felt very nourished.
MATER Beauty skin serums and solid hair care bars on a mirror
I’ve been washing my hair less as it’s not been greasy. Though a toddler’s grubby hands is another story. These bars are long lasting if kept dry, Block Docks are great for that.

Safe to say I’ve enjoyed using all of these! The skincare in particular have shown noticeable differences to my skin over these months.
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