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MINIMUM effort / MAXIMUM results skincare and hair care.

Time is precious.

In this fast-paced modern life, every moment you take for yourself matters. Take a momentary pause and transform simple acts of self-care into luxurious mini-rituals with simple to use, synergistic skincare and hair care products that perform.

  • MATER Beauty face serums in glass bottles hydration and glow

    Synergy of nature + science

    Not all things 'natural' are good for you, or effective, which is why MATER takes the best of nature, and combines it with proven science.

    Ingredient transparency 
  • MATER Beauty skincare serums and solid shampoo & conditioner on glass tray

    Your best skin - simply

    The two serums are designed to work synergistically as an entire post-cleansing routine. They're loaded with actives, and can be used both morning and night.

    / FACE Ritual 
  • MATER Beauty solid shampoo bar and solid conditioner bar with bubbles

    Good Hair Days are here

    The shampoo and conditioner are designed specifically with dry or damaged hair in mind, but other hair types will also benefit from them.

    / HAIR Ritual 
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Accessorise your MATER Beauty

Whether you need to keep your shampoo bar and solid conditioner drained and longer lasting using one of the bar holders, or you want to treat your newly silky locks of hair with a deluxe pure 100% mulberry silk scrunchie, MATER Beauty has something to offer.