Towards a brave, and beautiful, new world of MATER Beauty - ARRIVING 11/11/22

Towards a brave, and beautiful, new world of MATER Beauty - ARRIVING 11/11/22

Originally posted on on 05/11/22.

Those that have been along for the journey will know that becoming a mother spurred me on to create BAR OF HOPE. While it was mostly to do, and have, something just for myself again, I also wanted to try and better the world for the sake of my son.

Over the three significant and challenging years that followed, my ideas on what I want to bring to the world evolved. My experience of motherhood (rollercoaster!), along with the harrowing loss of my mother, shone a spotlight on the transcendental magic of mothers. And that is the heart of MATER Beauty - honouring mothers, but not just as mothers, as women first. 

As mothers, we spend our days nurturing others and often fail to nurture ourselves. I fell into that trap when I became one, and every mother I have spoken to related strongly to the feelings of overwhelm and loss of self due to an intense focus on others' needs. Time that was previously spent on indulgences - reading books, elaborate skincare routines, meals with friends, carefully put-together outfits, spontaneous mini-breaks, ticking movies off an ever-growing & well curated list, shopping sprees - was all of a sudden consumed by an adorable tiny tyrant. And while it is truly the most rewarding and meaningful role I can ever expect to have, it is also wildly more difficult and crushing than I could've imagined.

It was certainly a shock for this skincare fanatic, used to carefully planned, rotating, daily multi-step routines. All of a sudden, five minutes alone every day or two (or three sometimes, let's be honest) for a quick shower, felt like a luxury spa. A serum or moisturiser grabbed at random, and quickly slapped and rubbed on my face was my new "routine". Welcome to motherhood!     

MATER Beauty is designed to remind mothers to take precious moments to mother themselves, because they need nurturing too. It is in these moments of stillness that we get to reconnect with the woman we once were and always will be, beyond the demands of motherhood and everything else we strive to achieve. This rejuvenates the never-ending nurturing energy we have for those we care for, leaving us all in a happier space.

On 11/11/22, I will reveal what I have dreamed of doing for years, and only got the courage to go ahead with thanks to all your incredible support for BAR OF HOPE. I hope you will enjoy what I have been relentlessly working on, with all mothers, and women, and busy people in mind. Something to help us make the most of the few moments we can realistically spare daily, to do something just for ourselves.  

See you on the other side ;)


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